Desire for cheeky
or classic?

Decide. You have the choice whether you want to show more or less skin on your butt.

Let’s spread love + fun!

Buy what is fun. Live the Tipi Beach lifestyle. Discover our reversible tops and bottoms. Suitable for any situation.

Complement your wardrobe – get the look.

Our styles are way too beautiful to wear only on the beach.

Therefore, combine and complement your wardrobe with them. Create a new look and take the fantastic beach atmosphere into your everyday life. No matter when and where, just take it with you everywhere!

Your TIPI BEACH treasures are comfortable to wear even as underwear. For spontaneous swimming you are then also well prepared at any time.

For a modern boho-hippie chic look, wear one of our tops with a long wide skirt or denim shorts. Either alone or in combination with an open shirt blouse or cardigan.

Combined with jeans or wide fabric pants, your look gets a sporty chic fresh kick.

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