We are Tipi Beach

At TIPI BEACH we believe that appreciation and LOVE lead to sustainable fashion.

Our goal is to create products that do good, feel good, and look good while bringing the EASE and FUN of BEACH LIFE into our everyday life.


I am Emese,

the founder of TIPI BEACH.


I was born with a passion for travel. My father traveled all over Europe back in the 60s. I, as his daughter, did the same. First I went through Europe, then through the wide world.

As a child of Hungarian Yugoslavs, I was born and raised in Hamburg. In addition to the annual vacations with my relatives, there were bathing vacations at the Adriatic Sea. In addition, we went to Spain for a beach vacation in the fall. Then, as an adult, I started enjoying the summer in Germany and shifting travel to long-distance trips in the winter.

During my travels, I was more and more confronted with the direct consequences of reckless human behavior on our planet. Especially in Asia, the plastic pollution caught my eye.

My love of fashion has always been at odds with my love of the sea.

As a foreign trade merchant and designer, I unfortunately know the downside of the fashion world all too well. The social consequences of the propagated beauty ideals are debatable, but the following fact is unfortunately not: the fashion industry is the biggest polluter of the environment next to the oil industry.

My desire to found a label that allows fashion and environmental protection to go hand in hand therefore grew more and more over the years.

Taking responsibility for our environment, people and animals. Valuing and conserving resources. Breaking age and beauty ideals. Educate and encourage people to live a more sustainable life without sacrificing fashionable style. Bringing the ease and fun of beach life into our everyday life. The idea for TIPI BEACH was born.

The Journey Begins…

Plans are there for real life to get in the way. In my case, the COVID-19 pandemic came along and not only threw off my schedule.

At the end of the year before last, my producer broke away. Now I urgently needed to find a new producer who met both my quality standards and my core values. All this without a face-to-face meeting, but thanks to today’s technology.

That the topic of sustainability and create a better fashion world, also offers fraudsters a fertile marketplace, I then unfortunately first got to feel the full force. Giving up was and is not an option for me. Fortunately, my family sees it the same way. Thanks to their support, I was able to continue. So I lost precious time, nerves and money, but gained priceless wealth of life experience in a very short time!
I am infinitely grateful to all involved in the small fine TIPI BEACH-Tribe, which has emerged through the whole process and breathed life into my vision.

All the more we are happy to finally present you our wonderful TIPI BEACH world.

Our high quality beach and swimwear is just fun to wear. All our TIPI BEACH treasures are created with a lots of LOVE and appreciation for people, animals and nature from environmentally friendly materials. Resource-saving production in small quantities. Designed in Germany and manufactured near Lisbon, Portugal.

We love to show you that our treasures are so much more than just a seasonal item. Let us complement your outfit skillfully. There’s nothing wrong with looking and feeling stunning anytime, anywhere.

Initially we start very limited and with a fine selection of swimwear for women. The men among you will have to be patient. Piece by piece we want to complement our range with beachwear and unisex styles.

Join us on this exciting journey, capture your TIPI BEACH moments and share them with us @tipi_beach #tipi_beach.


xo Emese & Team

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