We are Tipi Beach

At TIPI BEACH, we believe that APPRECIATION and LOVE lead to sustainable fashion.

Our goal is a product world that DOES GOOD, makes you FEEL GOOD and LOOK GOOD in your skin, while bringing the EASE and FUN of BEACH LIFE into your everyday life.

Aloha! Hello! Helló! Moin! Zdravo!

I am Emese (‘Emesche’).

Born and raised as a Hungarian Yugoslavian at the ALSTER in HAMBURG. The playground of my childhood and youth is the MEDITERRANEAN and the ADRIATIC COAST. I was born for sun, beach and sea.

I LOVE life – especially beach life! And I love FASHION.

As a textile specialist through and through, I know all sides of the fashion industry. Unfortunately, it is one of the biggest polluters. The working atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired. Two of the most beautiful arts in the world, that of model making and tailoring, are being degraded to fast fashion and deprived of their appreciation. Unrealistic and distorted ideals of beauty are propagated.

That can be done differently – my WORLD is DIFFERENT!

TIPI BEACH is born…


We want to take RESPONSIBILITY for our ENVIRONMENT, PEOPLE and ANIMALS. Valuing and conserving resources. Break through AGE and BEAUTY IDEALS.

All our TIPI BEACH treasures are therefore created with a lots of LOVE and appreciation towards HUMANS, ANIMALS and NATURE. We focus on a RESOURCE-SAVING production in small quantities. Design in GERMANY and have it sewn in PORTUGAL.

Fall in love with our wonderful TIPI BEACH world. Our BEACH & SWIMWEAR made from eco-friendly + RECYCLED MATERIALS is just plain fun.

Our goal is to create a product world that DOES GOOD, makes YOU FEEL and LOOK GOOD in your skin , while bringing the EASY and FUN of BEACH LIFE into your everyday life.

Initially, we offer you a fine MIX & MATCH selection of swimwear that can be worn on both sides. Piece by piece we will complete our assortment with beachwear and unisex styles.

Let’s spread LOVE +FUN! Come join our TB tribe and join our journey. Capture your TIPI BEACH moments and share them with us @tipi_beach #tipi_beach.


xo Emese & Team

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