Find your size

This size chart will help you find the right size.

TIPI BEACH sizes are double sizes. We serve two clothing sizes each with our unisex sizes. Therefore, please pay attention to our measurement table, which tells you exactly which circumferences a size covers.

In addition, you can find helpful fit information directly on the respective product page.


Since our swimwear is made entirely of very stretchy material, the models adapt to your body in length and width. When trying on swimwear, keep in mind that it should fit like a second skin so that it can support you in the water in the best possible way. When wet, the fit loosens slightly and when dry, the fit tightens again.

All TIPI BEACH swimwear styles have a small shape effect. This bonus offers our used material all by itself and is supported by the double-layer processing… Darker colors (like black or navy) are usually a little firmer due to the dyeing process, which is why the shape effect is a little more noticeable here than with our light styles.


Our accessories are made of the same stretchy material as our swimwear and are flexible in circumference to fit your body.

Please try on our goods for hygiene reasons

always with and over your underwear.


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