It is very important to us that TIPI BEACH acts in a fair and sustainable way. Our entire value chain from design, development, material purchasing, production and distribution lives these principles.

We are therefore constantly on the move so that we can continually optimize ourselves and our processes and offer you the best.

Love & Appre-

At TIPI BEACH, we firmly believe that appreciation and LOVE lead to sustainable fashion. Our goal is to create long-lasting treasures that are fun for you, stay with you for a long time for different purposes, and reduce our footprint on the planet in the process.

For us, it goes without saying that our entire supply chain and all those involved in it are treated fairly and with respect, as well as being remunerated. A give and take at eye level in full transparency.

Due to the Corona crisis in 2020, it was unfortunately not possible for us to visit our suppliers and production in person until today. As soon as this changes, we will make up for it and let you participate.
Until now, video conferences, phone calls, and a flurry of email correspondence had to suffice to get our collection ready despite the ongoing crisis.


Taking responsibility for the environment. Valuing and conserving natural resources. Minimize new waste production and extract new from existing waste. We are working on this and it would be wonderful if we could encourage you to do the same.

TIPI BEACH swimwear is made exclusively from Carvico’s high-quality Italian fabric VITA, which contains 78% ECONYL® regenerated nylon and 22% spandex.

ECONYL® is a regenerated fiber obtained 100% from nylon waste such as fishing nets, carpets and industrial plastics. This is how waste problems are transformed into sustainable solutions.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon actively counteracts climate change, as the greenhouse effect is up to 90% lower than when nylon is produced from oil. In addition, the energy input is lower. ECONYL® regenerated nylon is infinitely recyclable and thus resource and environmentally friendly.

Our sewing thread and labels are made from recycled PET beverage bottles. The sewing thread comes from Germany and the labels from the Netherlands.

Our bath gum is purely vegetable made from 100% natural rubber and is produced in Italy.

All of our styles are hardware free so there is no added danger to you and our planet from printing, rust or waste.

We also deliberately avoid removable or solid bra cups. The minimum purchase volume required for the environmentally friendly variants is simply far too high and does not fit into our demand-driven concept. Not bad, because our fabric provides enough shaping support. Anyway, we think that the natural bust shape is the most beautiful of all!


In order to avoid overproduction and unnecessary waste of our increasingly scarce resources, we pursue a demand-driven concept. For this we produce extra in small quantities. This can lead to supply bottlenecks more quickly, which we are happy to accept in the interests of sustainability. Please support us in this case with your understanding and patience. The wait will be worth it in the long run for you, for us and for our planet.

At TIPI BEACH, we have made it our goal to use only recycled reusable materials as soon as possible, in order to contribute more and more to circular fashion and minimizing the problem of waste.

A total of 62 kg of waste (ECONYL® yarn) has been used for our swimming collection.
The total savings compared to the same collection using standard nylon are:
– Energy saved approx. 9.100 MJ (approx. 25.278 kWH)
– CO2 avoided approx. 580 kg!



To contribute to less CO2 emissions and pollution, we try to keep all distances as short as possible. Currently, our woman-owned company designs locally in Germany and produces in Europe (Portugal) under fair and sustainable conditions.

All our packaging is recycled, recyclable and designed with the planet in mind. We reuse them as often as possible and never use more than necessary, especially when shipping.

Our paper products (H’tags, cards, shipping boxes, etc.) are made from recycled waste paper or grass and are 100% plastic free. We prefer to print digitally with water-based ink.

Our product packaging is currently an environmentally friendly reusable Fairtrade organic cotton bag. Our vegan stickers are also an environmentally friendly and resource-saving product.

Of course, you will receive your invoice paperless by e-mail.

We ship worldwide with DHL-GoGreen 100% climate neutral in environmentally friendly reusable packaging. The CO2 emissions of each shipment are calculated and then offset by investing in environmentally friendly projects around the world such as reforestation.

Doing good. Feeling good. Look good & spread LOVE and FUN at the same time.

TIPI BEACH stands for environmentally friendly fair beach and swimwear in high quality that is fun to wear.

We want to work with organizations and people that protect the environment, animal rights and human rights. That’s why, of course, we’re using our voice to educate you more and more, to get you on board, and to effect change together.

Every purchase made promotes the health of our planet. We give a portion of our sales proceeds to our partner, the environmental organization Healthy Seas®, to help protect the oceans.


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